Fashion Find of the Week

Check out this one of a kind clutch that I came across at Fashion Plate Boutique. I melt every time I see it…I just need a 5th side hustle haha

And these bad boys! I was soo pumped when I came across them. Warm weather is tricky. For starters, I really don’t like feet -you have no idea. Warm weather is a hall pass for everyone–guys and girls– to BUST THOSE JOKERS OUT. Hm. Anyway, this shoe is great for three reasons: it’s a fantastic alternative to sandals, it gives me a break when I don’t want to wear heels, and it is the closest I’ll ever come to wearing a ballet flat. They’re like magic.

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One Response to “Fashion Find of the Week”
  1. zoe-fashion plate says:

    Thanks for featuring Fashion Plate Lifestyle and highlighting our uniqueness in the fashion community. I enjoy being apart of your visions as they are played out and look forward to our next adventure! I am also proud of your budding community leadership focus with Mia’s Closet. You are tackling these things and more with such style and grace. Keep up all the good work! Blessings w/love. Zoe-Fashion Plate.

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