10 Minute Abundance Guided Meditation With Biko Gray


Hey guys!

Happy Monday! It is time for the third installment of the Guided Meditation series. This week’s focus is on Abundance. 

Join Biko as he guides us through a 10-minute set of breathing exercises and affirmations specially designed to assist with training your mind to extend a warm welcome to the abundance of all things beautiful into your life.

A few years ago, I came across a quote that’s stayed with me after all this time. “If you fill your head with good thoughts, there won’t be any room for bad thoughts.”

As obvious as this may sound, it’s the simple truth, and it also requires intentionality. Being positive takes work and discipline and faith.

Philippians 4:8 says:

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.


I spent the greater part of last year meditating with a guided meditation on abundance, and case by case, there’s no doubt in my mind that that time I took to zone in and focus on what I wanted an abundance of made a huge difference in terms of how I viewed my circumstances and the world around me.

If nothing else, I want to leave you guys with this thought, the goal should be obtaining the feeling of abundance prior to any manifestation of abundance. Abundance in the way that we are defining it should not be confused with worldly possessions and desires. Simply the overflowing of all that is good. We can find the feeling of abundance in nature, time with family and friends, from the love of God, and helping others. These are the things that really matter.  The other things will come, but the blessing lies in true gratitude for what we already have all around us.

Meditation below. Enjoy!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine,

Xoxo -Chels



Coffey Break Guided Meditation Series: 10 Minute Morning Meditation with Chelsea Coffey


Hey guys!

It’s that time of the week again. Below you’ll find my 10 Minute Guided Meditation to kick start your morning (Night owls and early birds alike!) centered and full of all the positive vibes necessary to hit the ground running with good energy!

Everything, good or bad starts in the mind, so why not be intentional about showing ourselves a little love before the day gets underway?

Still trying to figure out if meditation’s right for you? Here’s a link to an article I came across about how it all works: Meditation 101

Tell a friend. Show a friend. Send to a friend! And as always, thanks so much for stopping by! Full guided meditation by yours truly below. Enjoy!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine — Chelsea

Missed Part 1 of the Series?

You can check out Biko Gray’s 15 Minute Guided Meditation here!

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15 Minute Guided Morning Meditation with Biko Gray

Hi guys!

Good morning! Today is a big day and not just because it is the first day of our annual fast.

So, here’s the deal, back in September, before my life turned into a real-life vacuum haha, I sat down with my dear friend, Biko Gray, to record a Meditation Series for The Coffey Break. Well, the time has finally come! Three mugs of tea, a few really unhealthy meals, and a bag of Sour Brite crawlers later and we have a 4 part guided meditation series that will roll out every Monday over the next 4 weeks!

A little background. I’ve spent the greater part of the past year and a half rotating four different meditation videos. Each video has had a unique influence on everything from my self-talk to my outlook on money to how I view my future self and the role I play in what that looks like, but I always felt like there was something I wished I could have added. So it finally occurred to me that it’s time to create my own. A tweak here and there, new music, new visuals, new voices, new messages, the whole nine.

My mind is always racing a million and one miles a minute, analyzing creating, dreaming haha the list goes on, and meditation is the one thing that actually allows me to slow down just long enough to find my center and more importantly quiet the distractions.

About two years ago, I think, I heard Biko do a breathing exercise in front of a large group at an event. Little did I know that we would go on to become friends, or that he would be on the board of my nonprofit Mia’s Closet. All I knew was that in that short time of breathing in the good and out the bad, I literally felt the stress melt away.

So, after a year and a half of listening to my bookmarked meditation videos, it was a no-brainer that it was not only the time for me to create something of my own but bring in someone who I greatly respected.

So! Without further ado! Please see below for the very first installment of The Coffey Break Guided Meditation Series. The footage in the videos is from my personal archive of my most favorite beaches around the country and a cameo, courtesy of my baby sister Madison, of the rock beaches in Nice.

I’ll be praying and standing in agreement with each and every one of you guys believing for God to do something incredible in their lives in 2017. Every time I fast, I jot down those specific requests on a sticky note and add it to my circular chalkboard. *If you haven’t read the Circle Maker, get it!) Please don’t hesitate to leave your prayer request below or DM me.

Please don’t hesitate to leave your prayer request below or DM me. It’s such a blessing to finally see this project coming to fruition!

Speaking of things coming to fruition, as tough as it is, I kind of love this time of year. It’s a great way to do a scan of the world around me, hit the reset in all areas and align my intentions for the year ahead. I always feel a closer connection to God when it’s over, and year after year, I’ve looked back and realized how He has simply blown me away with answered prayer after answered prayer.

Hope today’s a great one! Be blessed ❤

Peace, Love, & Sunshine ~Chels


Sundays are for Daydreamin’ || Future Home Inspiration

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Baby Steps // Brooklyn 10.10.16

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday! So confession, as much as I dislike the idea of falling into the pack… man oh man is that the case when it comes to home decor haha. When I moved into our townhouse in Houston, I was so sure that my room would be a carbon copy of my favorite minimalistic spaces on Pinterest; however, to my surprise, that wasn’t at all the case. One section got the look, my desk. The rest of my room was a smooth blend of vintage charm and warm gold tones.

Looking back, it shouldn’t have been all that surprising now that I think about it. My personal style is a reflection of whatever vibe I’m looking to channel that day and I have the wardrobe to match. When cornered, I think it can be best described as urban chic, and I think the same can be said of my design sense.

Regardless of the actual outcome of my future New York space, I’m having a field day scrolling through Pinterest, pinning my favorites, and dreaming of a day I’ll have a place to call my own here in the city.

Until then, here’s a peek into the swoon-worthy spaces holding me over in the meantime. Enjoy!

Have a favorite spaces board? Share in the comments below. I’d love to check it out! 🙂

Xoxo -Chels

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New In Town || Week 7


Hey guys!

So, a while back, I made the declaration to my little sister, Madison, that I was going to do a blog challenge. I didn’t quite know how long I wanted to do it. I wasn’t sure of the theme. All I knew is that life will pass you by if you aren’t intentional about taking it by the reigns.

2016 has been a big year. A really big year. And I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all. That’s where this challenge comes in. This season -the last 4+years- has been such a rollercoaster. With that in mind, I knew I wanted to be intentional about capturing the last moments of this amazing year.

December has always been special to me, and my reason for loving it so much is simple. It’s an indisputable close of something. So much of my current life is influenced by all these different variables –subject to change. Not December. December 31st marks the close of a year. That it’s over. So whether you killed it all year long, are still holding out for a breakthrough, or a mix of both, its onset signifies that last ditch effort to make the play, hit that home run, set goals, dream big, you name it.

Speaking of big dreams, on October 8th, I packed up my suitcase (the silver bullet), carry-on, purse, and backpack, to job search here in New York City (still so weird seeing that haha). I could go on and on about the story behind that, but I think I’ll save the full version for a Coffey Break Chat.

NY or bust!

Long story short, the transition has not been glamorous haha I’m forever grateful to my wonderful family friends for adopting me, love you Bill + Debra! And my August people Warren, Christa, and Josias, for literally absorbing me into their lives in such a loving, genuine way.

Being broke is not fun. Living out of suitcase is not fun. Being unemployed is not fun. (dramatic face emoji) I had totally forgotten about the toll job searching takes on your emotions and self-esteem. Not to mention, that the irony of it all, is that you can’t just drop the search in pursuit other feel good alternatives. The goal is to get a job. You have to keep going until you get something, it’s just that simple.

I just don’t know how in the world I could have made through this time without you guys…

My confession is that I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was hoping for the red-carpet experience. I knew it would be challenging, but it’s nearly impossible to anticipate the reality of moving away from everything you know and love without actually experiencing it.

That’s where faith and trusting the vision come in. During my second week, I made the commitment to myself that I would limit my focus to the day ahead of me. That I would make the most of that specific day. That I would be present, and fight the urge to consider anything beyond two weeks out –and that was only if it was absolutely necessary.

A default in my nature is that I have a tendency of being so forward thinking that I can’t ever be fully present. I’d argue however that that mindset welcomes the God moments. There’s something so freeing about surrendering, and saying Your will be done. Where do we go from here day in and day out?

It’s so crazy to look back and see that somehow I’ve actually hit all these little milestones in this short period of time. I know it couldn’t have happened without His divine intervention in my life, and I’ve got stories to tell! haha


Join me over the next few weeks, as I roll out a smorgasbord of reflections, favorite finds, vlogs, and archived content (my cute way of saying content I should have published a long time ago haha)

Highlights from the last 7 weeks below. Enjoy!


Peace + Love + Sunshine -Chels